Feelin Moody Mood Board

The weather is starting to get a little more gloomy, and come Sunday with daylight savings, it will be getting darker much faster.  We got inspired to write about the things that gets us feelin' 'moody'

First a foremost, the incredible room view of a cozy sleepy bed, watching the snow fall in every direction. TAKE ME HERE!  You can't be in that bed without a Hot Toddy; the ultimate fall adult beverage.  You CAN drink when you're sick!  A hot toddy greatly helps your cold symptoms, #funfact. We recently discovered Anna Mo and cannot get enough of her oversized blankets and sweaters, they are totally snug worthy!  An oversized sweater with a handful of pinecones?  Just scream, "AUTUMN" into my ear why don't you.  Cafe lights, strung up in that room, in that sweater, with that blanket on top, drinking a hot toddy....GIMMIE.  And then I basically just needed one more thing that kind of matched the rest of the mood board, the yarn will have to do.  It's also very pretty and unique to tie up around gifts!

Bring on the cold!!

Would you be interested in taking a fall themed watercoloring class?  If so, please comment!