December Mood Board

It is COLD in Costa Mesa, a brisk 60 degrees out.  I know, right?  How are we surviving this!?  It is a rare occasion to get anything below 75 and sweating in good old Southern California, so we take advantage of it!  Bring on the sweater weather, so many layers!  The closest snow that we can get to is about 2 hours away in the mountains, so we are going to have to bring it here on this blog!

What is more romantic than snowfall and candlelight?  These brass candlestick holders are perfect for indoors and outdoors (if you live in Southern CA) and bring an ultra romantic Victorian vibe to any occasion.  

Speaking of Victorian, these old photos send us back in time!  Did you know that Queen Victoria's husband, Prince Albert, brought major popularity to the Christmas Tree back in the 1840's in Britain?  Charles Dickens also wrote A Christmas Carol in 1843!  What a beautiful time that must have been to live out winter in the 1840's; Smallpox, Cholera, the Great Famine, dying from the common cold... that escalated quickly.

Seriously, the perfect wintertime table scape... what a cool idea to use sliced tree trunks as chargers! It is so unique and will bring a smile to any guest!  

You can't think of December without thinking of Santa and his reindeer!  Did you know that reindeer were first associated with Santa Claus back in 1823 when The Night Before Christmas poem was published?  Donner and Blitzen means thunder and lightening in Dutch!  Cool huh?  

We just LOVE wintertime and making these mood boards gives us some great inspiration.  Are you going to be coming to our December 12th Winter Wonderland Workshop?  Click HERE to register!