Vietnamese Iced Heaven

I experienced my first Vietnamese Iced Coffee from Sidecar Doughnuts not long ago, and it was epic.  So epic that I feel inclined to write a freaking blog post about it!  How have I never tried this amazing concoction before? Why have I never seen it on a menu?  Have I always just glanced away, unknowing to the fantastic treasures my tastebuds would be experiencing?

So, I decided to dive a little deeper.  Cà phê đá, which literally means iced coffee, was created as early as 1857 when coffee was first introduced to Vietnam.  Because of many limitations on the availability of fresh milk in certain regions, the Vietnamese and the French began to use sweetened condensed milk instead.  Brilliant!  Magical!  It's delicious. 

Goodbye lattes!!

Photos courtesy of Sugar Hit.