It's that time of year in Costa Mesa.  The time of year where civilians can buy fireworks off the streets and light them off in the middle of the night causing minor heart attacks in all of us.  The time of year where, without sunscreen, you might spontaneously combust during the walk to your car after a day at the beach.  It's the time of year where we try and mask our upper lip sweat with preposturous amounts of powder and we wouldn't even dream of leaving the house without all the hairties we can find (because neck sweat).  And we LOVE it!  Summertime in Southern California is what it's all about!  People travel from all over the world to visit where we live and we are not taking it for granted!  Gorgeous beaches, great food, nightlife, we have it all.  So, we decided to put together a few of our favorite things around here.

One of our favorite summertime appetizers is Shrimp Ceviche, and Habana has the best by far! Tiger Shrimp and Ahi Sashimi located inside of a coconut with plaintain chips!?  YUM!  They also make the BEST Sangria, we recommend the white/red blend!

Having s'mores at a bonfire is the best!  How can it be summertime without it?  Can't have one without the other.  You show up to a bonfire you better bring graham, chocolate and marshmallows!  There are TONS of great locations by us, it's hard to choose one!

Hart + Honey made a great blog on how to make fancy DIY flower ice cubes!  Such a cute idea and adds flair to add to any drink!

If you grew up in Southern California, Summertime TASTES like one of Dad's Original Frozen Banana or Balboa Bars.  A turorist's dream is our nostaglia.  But Arrested Development is one of our favorites so we just decided to use Bluth's instead :)

Why leave the state when you can airstream up the beautiful coast?  ROAD TRIP!  If you've never driven up PCH from San Diego --> Big Sur we highly suggest it!  There are tons of campgrounds at the beach that come with a sceneic drive and beautiful rest stops.  Doesn't get any better!

Bear Coast Coffee are our homies, and they have THE BEST location EVER!  Ocean view, steps from the sand, this coffee joint has the best beans and the best vibes.  They use Ritual Coffee, YAASS!

Okay, we know.  Donut floats are so Instagram right now.... BUT THEY'RE SO CUTE!  We caved.