Calligraphy Supplies!

I LOVE calligraphy!  Can't you tell? ;)  I get quite a few questions about what I use for my supplies.  I figured I would write a blog about what I like to use and why, so here we go! 

First thing's first, the holder!  I prefer to use straight pen holders for myself as well as for my workshops.  I choose this because it is easy to use for both left and right handed calligraphers, and I have more control over the style I wish to create with it.  An oblique pen holder is great for if you want to create an italicized style lettering, but it is really difficult to use for a lefty (I am not a lefty, but that's another reason why I choose straight pen holders for my workshops). 

Next up, nibs!  The brause steno nib (also known as the blue pumpkin nib) is perfect for beginners because it is stiffer, which means you can put more pressure on the nib without breaking it.  The Hiro 41 nib is slightly more flexible, which is great for intermediate calligraphers! Once you have a grip on the amount of pressure to use when writing, you'll find this nib to be easier to use in the long run.  The Brause Rose nib is my FAVORITE nib to use because it is very flexible, I can write with it on soft and textured papers such as handmade paper or watercolor paper. 

Ink!  I use a Sumi ink, it is a thick black ink. Very opaque and easy to use. It's just the best! That is all :) 

If I wanted to create a custom colored ink, I like to mix Winsor & Newton Gouache and water together to create any color imaginable!  It is a little trickier to get the right consistency at first, but once you get the hang of it, it's definitely worth it instead of buying pre-made bottles of ink as these are usually too thin or not the right color. 

For paper, I prefer Borden & Riley #37 layout bond paper.  It is a blue and white cover, easy to spot.  It is great paper to practice on for designing as it is transparent and super easy to see through for tracing.  It is really thin paper though, so I only use it for practicing and spot calligraphy for designs.

There ya have it kids!  A list of all my favorite calligraphy things to hopefully help you along your calligraphy journey!  All supplies can be found through Art Supply Warehouse or Blick.   If you can't make it to one of our in person classes, I highly recommend taking an online calligraphy class with Lauren Essl's through Brit+Co, click HERE to take a a look!  Be sure to sign up for my newsletter and follow me on social media to learn more tips and tricks about calligraphy and when I will be hosting workshops!