Brit & Co Class 4/11

Just one more week until registration opens for my online class with Brit & Co on April 11th! I am so excited to share with you the techniques and tools I use to create fun, colorful patterns (like the ones below!). I will start by covering what brushes, pens and paper to use, then how to transfer your work onto your computer to create a repeat pattern in Adobe Illustrator. Supplies and foundational techniques like composition and color theory will be covered, so you can understand how to create a successful pattern for desktop wallpapers and beyond!

Click HERE to receive 15% off on the class! Just fill out your name and email address and you'll be notified when the class goes LIVE! 

We also offer a Floral Watercolor Class on Brit & Co! This is a great class for beginners, where you'll learn how to build a custom color palette and mix colors, how to use various brush strokes to make different shapes, how to paint and shade stems, leaves and petals and more!