brush lettering how-to!

We LOVE when we have the chance to do a brush lettering project at Mon Voir! It is a wonderfully creative and relaxing art form. It shares the basic strokes of dip pen calligraphy, with the more loose and free feeling of using a paintbrush. Here's a brief overview of our brush lettering style and our go-to materials for different projects! We hope that you'll enjoy it as much as we do!


It's important to choose the right size paintbrush for the piece you are working on. We recommend using #princetonbrushes round brushes size 2 or 6, for smaller, more detailed projects. For larger projects, like poster-size quotes or signs, you'll want to use a larger brush (#princetonbrushes, size 16) to create more bold and thick letters. Round brushes are ideal for getting both thick and thin lines since they're a two-in-one style brush! 

Next, to achieve the whimsical look of both opaque and transparent strokes that are unique to brush lettering, our go-to ink is #winsorandnewton water color gouache. Trust us - you will not regret investing in quality materials once you see how much better the outcome of your artwork is!


Brush Lettering - Downstrokes

DOWNSTROKES (thick lines) 

Like calligraphy, brush lettering consists of upstrokes and downstrokes, thin and thick lines. You want to make sure that the angles of your lines are consistent, as well as the amount of pressure you are applying. Your downstrokes will require more pressure to create a thicker line.

Brush Lettering - Upstrokes
Brush Lettering - Crossbar

UPSTROKES (thin lines) 

The upstrokes in your letters are your thin lines and should be applied with light pressure. It should feel like your hand is just gliding across the paper. Any crossbar strokes (like your t's, capital A's, etc.) will also be thin lines. 


Brush Lettering - ABC's
Brush Lettering - Example

Once you have your basic strokes down, you can start practicing letters! Start with lowercase, going through the entire alphabet to memorize what strokes make up each letter. Once you feel comfortable, move on to capitals!

Practice, Practice, Practice! 

Brush Lettering - Quote

Muscle memory is everything when it comes to brush lettering and calligraphy. Grab a pad of #legionpaper, turn on some relaxing music (or netflix ;)) and keep at it!!