City Guide | 48 Hours in Vancouver, BC

Happy 2018, everyone! I'm going into this new year with intentions and goals to blog more. What?! I've said this so many times, but I really mean it this time. I have so many things coming up that I want to be able to expand upon...Instagram and Facebook can only show so much, you know? So with that said, I'm starting off with another city guide from my Fall #EverydayWatercolor book tour! As some of you know, my book, Everyday Watercolor came out through Ten Speed Press October 2017, and with its release came a book tour! Go read Portland and Seattle's city guideposts if you haven't already, and pick it back up with me here for Vancouver!


The PNW continued to wow me with this city. My friend Lindsay and I at this point had driven from Portland to Seattle, then through Mt. Rainier and Leavenworth for some cabin time (which I'll be writing posts about at a later time), then up Chuckanut State Route 11 drive to Canada. OH MY GOSH THIS DRIVE. It was seriously breathtaking. If you have the chance to drive from Seattle to the border, this route is a bit longer, but take it. Overlooking the Pacific, gorgeous tree lined 2 lane road, it's a stunner. Once getting across the border we checked into our hotel in downtown Vancouver and hit the town. We had less than 48 hours to spend in Vancouver, and a good chunk of that would be taken up by my workshops and book signing events, so we really didn't have much time to see everything Vancouver has to offer. 


BUT, first up was GASTOWN. This is one of Vancouver's oldest neighborhoods. Picture cobblestone streets, again, the TREES, on the water and so many great bars and restaurants! If I could sum up Vancouver in a couple words, it'd be London meets New York meets San Francisco. San Francisco for the nature and on the water feel, New York for the grit and London for the fashion and style. Such a cool city! We hopped around a few bars and restaurants in Gastown that first night, had oysters and negronis and called it an early night so I could get some rest before teaching the whole next day.

#monvoirworkshops in Vancouver ended up being perfect. We started the morning off with Four Barrel Coffee and Granville Island Market, then I taught two sold-out classes in the gorgeous, bright space The Aviary, had a fun book signing event after, and once we were done cleaning up, we headed straight for The Acorn for some vegetarian food. This place was recommended to us quite a few times and it seriously did not disappoint. Probably my favorite meal during my entire book tour! It was incredible. They also have a sister restaurant downstreet that we went to for drinks while we waited for a table. Both spots were so cute and delicious! 


After our amazing meal at Acorn, it was time to pack and get a couple hours of ZZZs before having to head to the airport at 4am. YIKES! We had to be on an early flight back home because I had my next city to head to. Thankfully with my Platinum Rewards Status with Orbitz, I was able to find a really inexpensive flight that got us straight back to Orange County! Without the Platinum Rewards program, I would've been spending way too many dollars in travel over my fall book tour.


Leaving Vancouver so soon made me realize how amazing that city is and how I barely even scratched the surface. This was my first time to Canada, but definitely not the last and I can't wait to plan more #monvoirworkshops for Vancouver and more areas in Canada SOON!