New Online Class with The Crafters Box!


I'm so excited to bring you a new this new online class through The Crafters Box! If you don't know already, The Crafters Box is a monthly subscription program made for creatives. You can sign up for individual featured maker's classes, or a 3 month subscription, or more! It's SUCH a great idea for those of you wanting to get into something new and creative, but don't know where to start with supplies and classes. Picture signing up for an online class, or for a 3 month subscription, and having a perfectly curated box full of all the supplies you need for the class show up at your door! Beautiful classes like jewelry making, knitting, paper flowers, weaving and so much more! And now, my class, which covers my FAVORITE watercolor technique, WET ON WET, for a botanical watercolor class!! My class/box is for the month of June, so registration is now open until May 20th! Make sure to go here to sign up to receive your own box of class supplies and the online class! You'll also get to hear my story and a bit more on their maker podcast! Take a peek at the photos below to see what I cover in this class! So colorful and the PERFECT summer creative project!

Can't wait for you guys to learn this technique for painting a monstera deliciosa leaf! Watercolor is magic, and the bursts and blends that happen with wet on wet technique will turn any novice watercolorist into a head over heels lover!!