Can I Get A Little More? | PREORDER!

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Can I Get A Little More? | PREORDER!



Our "Can I Get a Little More?" Kit includes:

- 12 tubes of professional level watercolor paint from Jenna's favorite collection

- 3 synthetic sable round tip brushes from Jenna's favorite collection

- 1 block of paper (includes 15 sheets of paper) from Jenna's favorite collection

- Jenna's "Introduction to Floral Watercolor" booklet

- Our business card/mantra for you to put up on your wall and enjoy!

*Preorders will ship the week of 5/8!!*



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The buyer retains full responsibility of the piece once it is shipped. Consequently, we are unfortunately unable to refund money on a purchase that is lost, damaged, etc. in transit to the buyer. *All sales are final.

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Ah, watercolor. A visual medium that moves around with ease, exploding and bursting from pigment to pigment, creating texture and depth that can’t be found in any other type of media. This is the perfect artform to turn into a hobby, or even an aspect of your career! But have you ever been to an art supply store and been overwhelmed by the options? Maybe you can find the right paper to use, but the store you buy from doesn’t carry the brushes you want to start using. And as a complete beginner, the amount of OPTIONS are incredibly overwhelming! Which brand of brushes and type of hair do I purchase for watercolor? What paper works best for this wet medium? Or what colors to pick from out of the thousands of pigments and brands?! Well, look no further you guys! We got your back. The covetable look of watercolor is now within reach for the most novice practitioner and the artist wanting to purchase supplies from ONE SPOT. Each item within our beautifully packaged watercolor kits has been hand picked by Jenna, with her expertise and knowledge of this artform and your best interest as the artist of many levels in mind! Each one of these items are materials Jenna uses every single day. Only the highest quality supplies sold to you at a price comparable to any art store, for the quality and convenience of receiving all of the best supplies on your doorstep. So, what’s in the box you ask?

The best of the best.

With all of the options out there for art supplies, it’s so crucial knowing what works best for the style of painting you’re wanting to achieve, but most of all, it’s incredibly important that you’re able to enjoy the process of painting. With cheap supplies, you won’t be able to achieve the texture and color, or ease of strokes like you would with materials that are made with the intention and purpose of the watercolorist in mind. Many people give up on their journey with watercolor because they start out with the wrong supplies! While getting good at this medium requires a lot of practice, it’s crucial that you start with the solid foundation of good, quality materials so you can enjoy that process and practice of developing better technique. Each material listed below meets that standard, and when you purchase one of our boxes, you not only receive these but Jenna’s Introduction to Floral Watercolor Booklet comes with it with the foundations of watercolor technique listed for your reference!