WASHINGTON D.C. | Common Room Studio November 11, 10am-1pm

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WASHINGTON D.C. | Common Room Studio November 11, 10am-1pm

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#EVERYDAYWATERCOLOR tour is HERE!! With the upcoming release of Jenna's how-to watercolor book, "Everyday Watercolor," Jenna will be embarking on a fall and spring tour, bringing her beginner floral watercolor workshops to cities around the U.S. and WORLD! Each city will have 2 times offered for workshops (10-1pm and 2-5pm), with a book signing and party after the second workshop in the evening (For details on the book signing events, go HERE)! If you don't see your city in this list...don't worry! More cities are coming to this tour shortly and to the spring tour is in the works! Send us an email at info@monvoir.com if you own or know of a space that you think would be a great fit! Keep scrolling below to read details on these workshops and we hope to see you there!

Jenna has been teaching both modern calligraphy, floral watercolor workshops around the country for the past four years and is sure to provide each student with the best beginner level tools and techniques to learn what she does professionally. We're excited to offer these workshops in our new studio space, Mon Voir HQ, in sunny southern California, as well as other spaces and venues around the country and WORLD with our online classes!

This three hour course is a perfect fit for beginning watercolor artists or for those looking to find a different approach to their skill! This class will start off with going through quality materials and which brushes and supplies Jenna prefers to use. She'll then cover tips and techniques for brush strokes, creating basic shapes, color theory and blending. Once you've gone through this material, you will incorporate how you've structured basic shapes into florals! Jenna will go over which brushes to use in order to form leaves, berries, peonies and more! With layering, shading, wet-in-wet painting, and other techniques Jenna prefers to use.

Each student will receive a take home kit of Jenna's preferred supplies. This kit will include a palette with 7 trays of paint, two brushes, paper and Jenna's Intro to Floral Watercolor Booklet.

All take home materials are provided! 


**Note: There is a 10 person minimum requirement for this class to proceed. If we do not reach 10 participants we will unfortunately have to cancel the class and refund you in full 48 hours before the scheduled workshop. 

Class will be held at:
Common Room Studio

428B Hume Avenue Alexandria, VA 22301

10:00am - 1:00pm

Contact us at sara@monvoir.com for more info or questions.